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25 Awesome Camping Recipes

To celebrate camping and all of the delicious foods you can make around the campfire we have gathered 25 Camping Recipes that will make your next camping trip the best ever!

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1. Campfire Banana Boat Recipe | Source: The Clever Pink Pirate

2. Simple Grilled Onions Side Dish | Source: Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller

3. Campfire Potatoes | Source: Cincy Shopper

4. Foiled Potatoes | Source: My Heavenly Recipes

5. S’mores Cones | Source: Thrifty Jinxy

6. Grilled Caramel Apple Crunch | Source: Coffee With Us 3

7. Boy Scout Supper | Source: Southern Krazed

8. Campfire Dump Cake | Source: Simply Budgeted

9. Sweet Onion Grilled Salmon | Source: Lori’s Culinary Creations

10. Orange Peel Cinnamon Rolls | Source: Say Not Sweet Anne

11. Grilled Spicy New Potatoes | Source: Future Expat

12. Dutch Oven Texas Peach Cobbler | Source: My Turn for Us

13. 3 Cheese Bacon Campfire Potatoes | Source: Just 2 Sisters

14. Hawaiian Packets | Source: Around My Family Table

15. Grilled Meat ‘n Potatoes Foil Packets | Source: Thrifty DIY Diva

16. Steak & Chicken Kabobs | Source: My Heavenly Recipes

17. Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches | Source: Thrifty Jinxy

18. Breakfast on the Grill | Source: Mom VS The Boys

19. Grilled Potato Packets | Source: How to Have It All

20. Campfire Breakfast Burritos | Source: French Toasty

21. Campfire Quesadillas | Source: Dirty Gourmet

22. Italian Sausage and Potato Tin Foil Dinner | Source: One Sweet Appetite

23. Grilled Pizza | Source: A Mom’s Take

24. Lumberjack Breakfast | Source: Echoes of Laughter

25. Campfire Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich | Source: Twin Dragonfly Designs

+ Check out these delicious S’mores recipes that are perfect for any camping trip.

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Do you have a favourite camping recipe you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments – we’d love to try it!

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