BB- 8 Review

It was Force Friday the other day, that was the day all the new Star Wars toys came out for The Force Awakens.  This guy came out of nowhere. So if you’re unfamiliar, Sphero makes a round ball that you can use your iOS device or Android device to control.  Make it roll around the

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8 Real Life Game of Thrones

As we watch the HBO series it’s impossible for us to hold that terrible “Oh No, not like this” feeling, specially when one of our favorite characters die unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s so brutal that we end up thinking “This place called Westeros can’t be real”. But if I told you things like that also happened

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Warcraft IRL: Capture the Flag

Warcraft IRL: Capture the Flag  Warcraft Movie just came at the big screens, and it was a blast for all the warcraft and World of Warcraft universe out there. Capture the flag is one of the most iconic battleground objective in World of Warcraft, the Legendary Studios brought to us an awesome competition with capture

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